Project Introduction

Jockey Club ‘CoolPlay’ Project Phase 2 is funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, spanning four years from 2023 to 2027. Co-organised by YCCECE and Hong Kong Christian Service, the new phase will continue to follow a child-centric approach and is extending to cover grass-roots children in seven districts. Sustained, step-by-step and holistic educational support and resources will be provided to the kindergarten teachers and parents of those districts to collectively encourage children to independently and freely explore their communities, in a bid to stimulate their curiosity and learning interest, and develop creativity, communication and collaboration, which are regarded as essential skills for the 21st century.

Phase 1's Launching Ceremony & Sharing Session

Six pilot schools of Jockey Club ‘CoolPlay’ Project Phase 1 shared their learnings at the launch. The schools implemented the Project in November 2020 with guidance from YCCECE and VTC to present various exploratory activities. Through child-centred and play-based approaches, young children are encouraged to observe and explore in their daily life from the exploratory perspective, developing their interest in learning.

Project Introduction

Jockey Club ‘CoolPlay’ Project will develop children’s curiosity and talent about exploratory learning by ‘learning through play’, and making innovation and technology a part of their development journey. By stimulating their exploratory mindset, children will be equipped with the strength to face adversity and develop innovativeness in future pursuits.

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