從遊戲中學習活動一:點止一塊多士咁簡單?Making Toasties

從遊戲中學習活動二:讓創意火箭 一飛冲天 Blast off

從遊戲中學習活動三:用水果玩偶做個大自然界小先鋒!Be a nature adventurer with fruit puppets!

從遊戲中學習活動四:小手指大作戰 做個微型降落傘!Parachute-making

從遊戲中學習活動五:浮定沉?試過先知!Sink or Float? Try before you know!

從遊戲中學習活動六:樹葉的美術變奏!Go artistic with leaf animals!

The School JumpStarter is majorly in forms of a teacher guide. Each teacher guide consists of the following sections: General Information, Background Information of Big Idea, Big Idea Web, Learning Experiences, Extension and Suggested Books and Resources. Each design is based on a big idea that is developmentally appropriate for young children to explore in an in-depth way. It aims to provide teachers with ideas and inspiration that can be incorporated into school’s current curriculum by using a STEM lens.