JS 22 Story book The Incredible Tools

Another unique feature of JumpStarter design is the provision of children’s storybooks. Many studies have highlighted the benefits of integrating science, math, and engineering education with storytelling and children’s literature.

In JumpStarter, children’s storybooks were created to set a stage for children to embark on their exploratory adventures. In our children’s storybook themed Cowey’s Adventure, the protagonist, Cowey, navigates various everyday challenges that necessitate creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking. These problems relate to children’s daily life and create natural motivation for them to explore and experiment. Children will solve problems with Cowey in meaningful contexts by exploring big ideas. 

Story book link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZYXBYKLr3y2mmlPHqxY-pMVldCXWzyve/view?usp=sharing

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