Providing quality resources is one of the key objectives of Jockey Club ‘CoolPlay’ Project. Well-designed learning materials not only enhance the learning motivation of children, but also extend the learning to places outside of the classroom, which paves the way for the whole-life learning of children.

Whatsapp Sticker

Jockey Club ‘CoolPlay’ Project’s mascot, Cowey appears not only in JumpStarter, but can also in our daily life too. Please download our exclusive Whatspp/Signal stickers, join the exploration with Cowey.

Science Journal

Observation and documentation are basic science skills. Science learning can be enhanced when children are provided with opportunities to record their observations. Children can examine the patterns of change over time and compare their predictions with the results, leading to a more accurate understanding of a phenomenon (Wheatley et al.., 2016). A Science Journal can also promote children’s language and literacy development because science exploration provides them with a meaningful context to draw and write.